Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by our Partners

How do I become a partner with Redington?

To become a Redington partner, simply click on the "Become a partner" button, provide your details and required documents. Our team will onboard you within 30 minutes and send you a confirmation.

What are the benefits of Redington B2B E-commerce portal?

Redington B2B E-commerce portal offers faster order fulfillment, easy access to order history, invoices, statements, and credit notes.

What products & brands are available on Redington B2B E-commerce portal?

Redington is a dynamic technology solution provider with a vast network of 290 international brands in the IT and mobility spaces across 38+ markets. We are dedicated to spearheading swift technology adoption across emerging global markets through our robust ecosystem, expanding partnerships, and innovative operational strategies.

Are there training videos available to help me learn how to use Redington B2B Ecommerce portal?

Yes! We offer a dedicated playlist of training videos on our official YouTube channel. These videos cover various topics and features of the Redington B2B Ecommerce portal. You can access the playlist here.